Wednesday, January 13, 2010

worth the effort

well, today i was finally able to give "Pedro" to my friend. she was thrilled with him. she told me she isn't thrilled about frogs but she thought pedro was just so adorable, she couldn't help but like him. i swear she had him held in the palm of her hand for the whole hour i was with her today lol.

she really reminded me of how much it means to do something so little and so simple for someone. good karma sure has a way of just.....making you feel all mushy inside.
she told me today how she had really been having a tough time, both physically and emotionally, and the talk we had last week, really insipired her to get back in touch with her spirituality and she told me once she found her triquetra necklace that was lost during a fight with her husband, and she put it on the day after we had talked, everything just seemed to change, for the better. she said i gave her the nudge she didn't know she needed. i told her it wasn't me, per se, but that goddess did it through me.

i just feel really good tonight about helping her.

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