Tuesday, January 19, 2010

spell to shield yourself from a nosey landlord

ok, after this morning, i just had to write this spell. i'll be doing it before i leave this morning.

To Shield against a nosey landlord

my landlord seems to have a thing for snooping around my house and yard. i just caught him at it again this morning (at 7:40am), and there is no reason for him to be doing so.

Sea salt
Either small pentacles drawn on paper and tape
A protective oil of your choice
A white, black or purple candle

Gather your supplies, light the candle and say:

My landlord snoops around way too much
Which makes me feel uneasy and such.
Please shield this house and land from his eye
And make seeing through it, hard for him to try.
Lord and Lady please hear what i say
And make it so with the salt and pentacles that I lay.
So Mote it Be

Starting inside your home, place a paper pentacle on or by each window and door going outside, or, using the oil, draw pentacles on each window and door. You can also then sprinkle salt on each window seal, and over the thresholds.

Go outside and sprinkle salt all along the property line. If your landlord likes to snoop in your garbage cans outside, as mine does (he even calls me to make sure I put my cans out on Sunday nights for pick up!), You can sprinkle salt in the bottom of your can, and place a pentacle on the underside of the lid to the can. You will have to sprinkle more salt after each garbage pick up though.

Once you are finished, go back inside, thank the Lord and Lady. Allow the candle to burn down.

I would repeat this spell each month.

Sapphyre LunaCrow 1-19-10

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