Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I am so thankful!

back on samhain 2009, my kids and i moved out of the apartment building we'd been living in. the move was the best thing all around. we lived on the third floor, there was no elevator and way too many steps. (54 to be exact).

fast forward to december 18, 2009....the building we'd just moved out of caught fire. two people were killed, everyone else got out ok. the two men who died had lived on the third floor, one of which was my next door neighbor.

was goddess watching out for me and my children? you betcha. along with my parents and other ancestors who have passed.

interesting tid bit about the fire apartment and the apartment below mine were pretty much fully intact. my downstairs neighbor was able to salvage most of her things, including a 'twilight' game that she had stored under her bed for me (it was an xmas gift for my one daughter) and it was still intact. she had told me that the roof collapsed above all the apartments on the third floor except for mine. she also told me that the firemen had to smash windows and they had trouble breaking the windows for my apartment....i told cathy (neighbor) i guess my warding was stronger than i thought!

i'll tell you one thing, that fire made me realize two things:
1. Goddess is so awesome and always looking out for us
2. damn, my magick is good lol.

** in the picture, the windows just below the flames used to be our livingroom!!

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