Wednesday, December 29, 2010

a new year, a new project

Well, I know it's been quite a while since I've posted on here. Life has thrown me so many curve balls, but thankfully, I have been also pitched a home run.
I've met the most amazing man, who is Pagan, which is like slipping on an old comfy sweatshirt!
He is so creative, and we have decided we are going to start our own online pagan store, which hopefully, in time, will turn into a brick and mortar store!
My goal for the month of January is to finish the store's website, and to start making the gem elixirs and various other items that are my responsibility, and my partner is going to start making the altars.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

spell to shield yourself from a nosey landlord

ok, after this morning, i just had to write this spell. i'll be doing it before i leave this morning.

To Shield against a nosey landlord

my landlord seems to have a thing for snooping around my house and yard. i just caught him at it again this morning (at 7:40am), and there is no reason for him to be doing so.

Sea salt
Either small pentacles drawn on paper and tape
A protective oil of your choice
A white, black or purple candle

Gather your supplies, light the candle and say:

My landlord snoops around way too much
Which makes me feel uneasy and such.
Please shield this house and land from his eye
And make seeing through it, hard for him to try.
Lord and Lady please hear what i say
And make it so with the salt and pentacles that I lay.
So Mote it Be

Starting inside your home, place a paper pentacle on or by each window and door going outside, or, using the oil, draw pentacles on each window and door. You can also then sprinkle salt on each window seal, and over the thresholds.

Go outside and sprinkle salt all along the property line. If your landlord likes to snoop in your garbage cans outside, as mine does (he even calls me to make sure I put my cans out on Sunday nights for pick up!), You can sprinkle salt in the bottom of your can, and place a pentacle on the underside of the lid to the can. You will have to sprinkle more salt after each garbage pick up though.

Once you are finished, go back inside, thank the Lord and Lady. Allow the candle to burn down.

I would repeat this spell each month.

Sapphyre LunaCrow 1-19-10

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

worth the effort

well, today i was finally able to give "Pedro" to my friend. she was thrilled with him. she told me she isn't thrilled about frogs but she thought pedro was just so adorable, she couldn't help but like him. i swear she had him held in the palm of her hand for the whole hour i was with her today lol.

she really reminded me of how much it means to do something so little and so simple for someone. good karma sure has a way of just.....making you feel all mushy inside.
she told me today how she had really been having a tough time, both physically and emotionally, and the talk we had last week, really insipired her to get back in touch with her spirituality and she told me once she found her triquetra necklace that was lost during a fight with her husband, and she put it on the day after we had talked, everything just seemed to change, for the better. she said i gave her the nudge she didn't know she needed. i told her it wasn't me, per se, but that goddess did it through me.

i just feel really good tonight about helping her.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


i have to say, after making pedro, he's got the creative juices flowing lol...i have a whole set of little intent critters floating through my head just waiting to come to life now lol.

an idea+too much caffeine=Pedro the Prosperity frog

say hello to my little friend, pedro. he was inspired as i stated in the previous post, by a spanish money charm.

he is my second attempt. the first one i made, i frogged (no pun intended) because he ended up looking like a green bird on crack. i think this one turned out much cuter. the beads on his feet are green cats eye, and his necklace is a mini silver coin charm and gold seed beads. i haven't decided what to do about his mouth yet. any ideas are welcome. i thought of just giving him a nice little smile.

he's kicking back beside a bottle of nail polish to give you an idea of how small he is.

he is stuffed with regular fiberfil, but he also has a surprise inside...he has a small piece of aventurine, a few herbs and a penny, all for prosperity.

Pedro, the crocheted Prosperity Frog
Need: size E hook
Green worst weight yarn
Small amount of fiberfil or other stuffing material
Thread to match yarn, and a needle
Small amount of white felt
2 green cats eye beads
A small coin charm and gold seed beads
A penny
Optional: Pinch each of frankincense, clove, cinnamon bark, bay leaf, orange peel
Small lodestone, small aventurine

Body (make 2)
Chain 4
Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from the hook, and in next 2 ch, chain 1, turn
Row 2: 2sc in first sc, sc in next sc, 2sc in last sc. Chain 1, turn
Row 3: sc across, chain 1, turn
Row 4: decrease over the next two sc, sc in next sc, decrease over last two sc, chain 1, turn
Row 5: sc across, chain 1, turn
Row 6: 2sc in first sc, sc in next sc, 2sc in last sc, chain 1, turn
Row 7-9: sc across, chain 1, turn (at the end of row 9, do not chain 1 and turn, simply finish off

Using thread and needle, sew the two pieces together leaving the bottom open. Once you sew around the head, i suggest stuffing it before you continue down the other side. When finished sewing together, stuff the body with the rest of the fiberfil, herbs, stones and place the penny on the bottom, then sew the bottom up.

For the legs, attach yarn at the bottom of the frog, chain 6, finish off, leaving a tail of about 3“. Add a cats eye bead to the tail, knot the yarn twice below the bead, trim the extra yarn off to your liking. I cut it about half an inch from the bead, then frayed the ends.

For the arms, attach the yarn one row below the neck, chain 3, finish off, then weave in the end going back up the chain and into the body.

Attach either felt eye shapes, or googly eyes if you have them. I haven't unpacked my stash yet so i just used a small piece of felt to cut out eye shapes.

For the necklace, i simply strung gold beads, attached the coin, and secured it at the back of the neck.

You can really decorate it however you wish, and if you feel other items are more geared towards prosperity than i listed, feel free to add those to your frog as well.

This is my first pattern i've actually had to write for someone else to understand, so if there are any problems with it, please let me know.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

crocheted money frog, hmmm

a wiccan friend of mine is having some major life problems right now, and last night i was scouring through my books trying to come up with mini spells and charms that i could put together for a basket for her, and i had come across a spell spanish charm about money frogs, and i've decided i'm going to attempt to crochet a tiny 'money' frog for her. i'm going to wing it without a pattern because i know how i want it to look, so stay tuned for the end result!!! i will try to write a pattern as i go for any who would like it.

I am so thankful!

back on samhain 2009, my kids and i moved out of the apartment building we'd been living in. the move was the best thing all around. we lived on the third floor, there was no elevator and way too many steps. (54 to be exact).

fast forward to december 18, 2009....the building we'd just moved out of caught fire. two people were killed, everyone else got out ok. the two men who died had lived on the third floor, one of which was my next door neighbor.

was goddess watching out for me and my children? you betcha. along with my parents and other ancestors who have passed.

interesting tid bit about the fire apartment and the apartment below mine were pretty much fully intact. my downstairs neighbor was able to salvage most of her things, including a 'twilight' game that she had stored under her bed for me (it was an xmas gift for my one daughter) and it was still intact. she had told me that the roof collapsed above all the apartments on the third floor except for mine. she also told me that the firemen had to smash windows and they had trouble breaking the windows for my apartment....i told cathy (neighbor) i guess my warding was stronger than i thought!

i'll tell you one thing, that fire made me realize two things:
1. Goddess is so awesome and always looking out for us
2. damn, my magick is good lol.

** in the picture, the windows just below the flames used to be our livingroom!!